Type and press Enter.

A new unit can be created by clicking on the “Add” button.

A popup window requires you to select the county in which you want to muster the military unit, the type of unit and the experience level of the unit you would like to muster. Check the “Garrison” checkbox if you would like the unit to be immediately put in garrison. Click on the “Add” button to create the unit in the selected county, controlled by the selected faction.

If you change your mind, simply click anywhere outside of the popup window to close it.

From this tab, you may also quickly move one or several units to from their current location to another county. Simply select the units you would like to move using the checkboxes at the beginning of every line or select all units using the checkbox in the table header.

Then, click on the “move” icon and select the county of destination. The selected units will be moved to the selected county automatically.

Note that the County Details sliding panel is available on the right side of the screen and will display details about the county currently selected in the table.

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