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Be a Conqueror or a Diplomat. Be a Ruler!

Embody a powerful ruler in a new fantasy setting and control entire lands.

The Realm management rules are independent from all RPG systems. This means you can create your character with any rules system you like.

When characters are not sitting on their throne, planning their next move on the diplomatic chessboard, they may join and go on adventure, just like in traditional RPG’s.

When you switch to the Adventure mode, you can just use the rules system of your favorite RPG… and hope your Realm will still be yours when you come home!

Seeds of Wars is written by a collective group of authors, designers and illustrators from 4 continents.

Our team of writers set out to create a compelling new fantasy campaign setting and create innovative game mechanics that allow you to embody one of the rulers of the world of Ceres with your character.

We would like to expand the SOW Universe through a lot of supplements, describing new regions, new realms, new settings, legendary characters, artifacts and spells, creatures and much more.