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Subscription Model

Every registered user will be able to use the application for free. Very much like roll20 and other RPG online tools, our paying subscription plans are here to offer some extra functionalities to the more demanding GMs.

Paid plans are only of benefit to GMs. The number of campaigns you can participate in as a player is unlimited. The limit only applies to the number of new campaigns that can be created.


The Premium plan allows you to launch more campaigns, grants you access to our beta environment where you will be able to test our new features, and upload campaign settings created by other users (see Templates).

With the Premium subscription, it is possible to download a campaign setting created by another user. Once this setting is downloaded and the new campaign created, you have the option to cancel your Premium Membership. Your new campaign will still be accessible.

In other words, all you need is one month of Premium membership to create a campaign in a setting you have downloaded and then enjoy it for as long as you want.


The Elite plan offers our NPC Factions Automation tool, allowing the GM to focus on the PC factions and their close neighbors, and leave the burden of managing the more distant factions to our A.I.

Regarding the Elite subscription and the A.I. that manages the NPC factions, it’s important to note that this is only really useful if you play in a setting that includes many realms and factions.

Indeed, the default setting provided in Seeds of Wars includes more than 30 realms, 200 counties and 100 factions. It is therefore particularly useful to let the application evolve the more distant factions with which your players have little or no interaction.

However, this feature is not necessary if your setting is centered on a smaller geographical area with a smaller number of realms and factions.


To manage your subscription plan, go to your User Profile page and click on the button “Manage Subscription Plan”.

This will open your subscription management page on Stripe, the payment service we use for managing recurrent payments.

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