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The Game Master Screen

Dear gamers,

Our Webshop is finally available on our website. Just click the PRE-ORDERS menu!

This means two things:

  1. The Seeds of Wars corebook must now be ordered directly on our website. It is no longer available on Indiegogo.
  2. You can now pre-order the Seeds of Wars Game Master Screen. It comes with a dozen pages of adventure hooks created by our lead writer Erik Scott de Bie.

For those who pledged during our Kickstarter campaign, keep an eye on your mailbox. We will send you a coupon code that will remove the shipping costs from your cart, should you order the GM screen (both the screen and the book will be shipped together).

We also added a new menu item THE PROJECT that will take you to the original Kickstarter page where you can find the complete description of the project, both in English and in French.



GM Screen Details

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