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Status Update 2

Dear gamers,

Into the home stretch! Tomorrow I will be on vacation for a week so I figured I should give you an update before leaving. As always, keep in mind that everything is still subject to change.

The book is divided into nine chapters:

  1. The History of Ceres
  2. The Atlas of Ceres
  3. The Factions
  4. The Kingdoms
  5. Playing Seeds of Wars (along with other RPGs)
  6. Descendants of the Vareene (bloodline abilities)
  7. Running a Faction
  8. Warfare
  9. Realm Magic

Most of the chapters have been written. The remaining work should be completed within the next two weeks. Next, we will do playtesting. It is likely that we will share the rules with some volunteers to get their feedback.

In terms of illustrations, we now have 14 artists providing original artwork. I am really excited about this; I think the book will look great! We spent much more than we thought on illustrating the book but I think it will be worth it.

Our friend from Flash Raccoon is currently working on the layout and on our webshop so be ready to order the GM screen soon! It will most probably include an extra dozen pages of adventure hooks written by Erik Scott de Bie.

Alright, time to pack my suitcase. Go register on the forum if you haven’t done it yet and don’t forget to sow the Seeds of Wars!



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  1. Looks groovy!
    Really looking forward to the rules though!