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Status Update 3

Dear gamers,

We now have all chapters written. Time has come to do some playtesting!

We will first do a quick round with a small selection of people to fix any issue that would really stand out and make sure everything is clear for everybody.

Soon after, we will open playtesting to everyone who backed this project during the Kickstarter campaign. You can expect to receive an email from us soon with a link to the sign up form.

Obviously those files will not reflect the end product in terms of layout, we don’t want to spoil the surprise! However, you will have everything you need to test the game mechanics.

Now to the less pleasant news. We had a couple of unexpected departures in the team and this put us a bit behind schedule. I would like to thank Erik, Anthony and Rhiannon once again for filling in for those who went missing.

We were really hoping to be on time for shipping end of June but we need to make sure we spend enough time playtesting.

All the pieces are coming together nicely. We have the complete manuscript, the artwork and the layout template. Editors are ready to do the content and line edit and our friend Léanna is ready to start the French translation.

As soon as the playtesting is completed, it will all happen fast. All books should be shipped before the end of the Summer.

I take full responsibility for the delay and I hope you will all forgive me. This is my first adventure as a publisher and I am learning a lot of things along the way. The next project should run more smoothly.

Just like you, I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!




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  1. Thanh you for the heads up, a delay is never as hard when informed. Besides, it wouldn’t truely be a KS without delay 😉

    Living in Brussels, I am particularly hyped by this playtesting announcement 🙂

    1. Hi H2G2Marvin,

      We were secretly hoping we would manage to be the first KS to deliver rewards without delay =)

      Thanks for your support!

  2. Very well, the ball is rolling. I’m looking forward to the next step.