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Thomas Trolljaeger

Thomas Trolljaeger  


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21/02/2019 11:35 am  

Hi there, lasses and lads.

I'm living in France (Privas, Ardèche). If you happen to pass by, just let me know, and we'll have a beer(*) and throw some dice.
I've been playing pen and paper RPGs since the early 80'es and turned 50, well, it was already last year.
Quite a fan of Birthright, I came across messages from Blaede on the Birthright.net forum, about this project of his, and well, I can tell that his enthusiasm was quite infectious.
Our small group of players have been playing mostly board games, but we still have room for some RP sessions in our agendas from time to time. Still, I don't expect Seeds of Wars to just gather dust on the shelves, since our BR campaign just died with one of the main characters (the player is still alive and kicking, though, he's just quite busy having a life at the moment). We will probably launch another campaign on Ceres as soon as I get the book.

(*) probably a belgian one. Micro-breweries sprouted around like mushrooms, with some quite random results in making what they dare to call beer. Some were quite good, but none have the constant and delicate flavours of a Chimay, a Kwak or a Triple K. For now, at least. Well, we have good wine, too.

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21/02/2019 11:54 am  

Hi there buddy!  😀 

Y a des jours, faut pas me chercher. Et y a des jours tous les jours.


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