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Maps for non Ceres campaigns  

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Not sure if this section only discussing the rules we have yet to see (if so delete please) but I find myself prepping for a future game and run into the issue of the map and so looking for feedback (and testing the waters of what this forum might be other than silent).
My own plans for players to be regents in the universe of Battletech, a mainly ground based interplanetary scifi setting with nil magic but forgotten tech, ruled by feudal lords in walking tanks.
I could re-purpose the map for Ceres or Birthright, but the first (at least the image revealed to date) appears too tight for my taste and the latter carries the weight of the game history at our table.
I had planned to ask here if anyone had positive experiences or sourced maps prior for alien worlds, or drawing province/county boarders on such maps. I am still interested but have already got an answer in thinking from the perspective of what makes the borders on the map we see.
Generally, in history men would map to land features, generally by whoever claims it first or some powerful group redrawing them based on land maps in hand later. But worlds inhabited over future centuries would be surveyed from above. Combined with Battletechs strong thematic link to hexagonal war maps, overlaying a map of hexes to replace the counties fits this result well, and lets me scale better for a setting with war machines capable of travelling far further than a horse per hour.
Anyone see any obvious objections or concerns of trying to lay out a map in this way that wouldn't work for you at the table? Also anyone else wanting to discuss their map plans?

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I expect bonus maps to be the sort of thing that can and will be hosted for download. Really delving into Battletech compatible material might not happen until the SciFi update sees print but I for one would love it.