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Gold, food, and spirit the art of war  


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18/08/2019 12:53 am  

To keep your army fighting and the enemy one not fighting,  the supply of gold is often critical to maintain an armies will to fight on, and supplies the army's ability to fight on.

The logistics of armies can often what determine a battle before swords are drawn on the field of battle.

So i inquire as to  how it will be handled in this game, is it a simple and effective, like and an army have gold and supply upkeep, and can carry a certain amount of supplies with them, and restock in provinces they camp at a rate based on the supplies available in a province, properly a linear function of the total friendly holdings in the province(including trade routes and the like).

Or the army might have to go pillaging supplies to keep going.

Hmm this could even allow for a later expansion where nomadic domains could be played like a orcish war band, later perhaps a Caribbean pirate king, and in the far future a space fleet. 

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