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For Science! The art of innovation and domain RND, a suggested way  


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21/08/2019 4:44 am  

For a domain to turn an idea into something it can do.  

Example idea water currents can carry boats, it can surely be put to other use.

First an Idea must be turned into academic knowledge of a subject.  
Example: With paddles the water motion can be turned into rotational motion.

Second the knowledge of the subject  must be engineered into a usable design to be used.
Example:  The designs for the gears, mill layout and and paddle.

Third a prototype must be established.
Example: Building a working prototype  of the Watermill.

So most Research have 3 difficulty checks to overcome one academic, engineering, testing/implementing.

Magical Research is is mostly of Academic difficulty, that the Elven peoples are adept at overcoming.

Technical Research is mostly of Engineering difficulty, that the Dwaven  peoples are adept at solving.

Prototyping Research is mostly a Testing difficulty, that the Driven Orc and Goblin people are adapt at relentlessly test and implement to achieve a working Prototype.

Humans, while not as focused as the other races, do well in all fields but not as well as the best.

Example: Afterwards provinces might be enhanced with a building project. Magic used. New battlefield regiments employed.  

Example: The watermill building project, allows for locally cheaper food, allowing either a trade advantage to used to boost grain export profits, or cheaper food locally allows faster population growth as starvation diminishes.

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