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Determining the County and Asset Level  

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Hi! I just got Seeds of Wars and I'm hoping to utilize it for my campaign but I am still struggling to figure out a few different things. How do you figure out the County Level of a region? I understand how to figure out the County Level Limit, but what goes into stating its present level? For example, on pg 18 it specifies that Lighborne is a Level 4 County. Where did that number come from? I know that it is possible for it to be a Level 10 County with enough growth. What types of growth increase the Level of the County?

Similar question regarding Assets, for example on pg 23 it states that Jisha has a Trade 2 Asset in Lightborne. Where did that number come from? This is important to figure out as is pointed out on pg 24, that Lightborne as a 4 County Level can only support assets equal to its level, so it wouldn't be possible for Jisha to grow that Trade Asset to Level 3.

Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. Are there any videos or live plays showcasing Seeds of War? It would be interesting and better to grasp the concepts if I could see it in action.

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The example you mention are taken from the campaign setting described in chapters 5 and 6.

In those chapters, you will find a description of all the realms and factions of Ceres, along with their stats.

If you want to use SoW with your own campaign setting, you will have to determine your own realms and factions, and their stats.

You will find suggestions on how to do that on page 219.

You can find an example of actual play on our YouTube channel.


I hope this answers your questions. If not, let us know!



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